Montag, 30. Januar 2012


I shot the guys of Impuls Bad Aussee recently, I was surprised by the amount of skills they showed. I only had one flash at my disposal, which was somewhat limiting. Also, I feel like there's still a huge lot of room to grow into this type of photography. Definately want to go back and do more. P1060996 P1060994 P1060958 IMG_6983 IMG_6979 IMG_6973

Samstag, 28. Januar 2012

Everything is full of snow 2!

Parking your car for taking a shot is a serious pain atm. There are snow walls on literally every parking space. IMG_6948 IMG_6949 IMG_6952 IMG_6954 IMG_6957 IMG_6955

Everything is full of snow!

We got a ridiculous amount of the stuff in the last week. I did photography. IMG_6928 IMG_6934 IMG_6941 IMG_6929

Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012

Historic Ice Trophy 2012, Altenmarkt / The French and The Japanese

There's another post of Porsches coming round tomorrow, but for now I've got a gorgeous Renault Alpine, a Mazda and a Datsun 280Z for you. IMG_5134 IMG_5171 IMG_5282 P1060738 P1060850

Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2012

Historic Ice Trophy 2012, Altenmarkt / The Italians

A few gorgeous Italian cars were in attendance at the ice troophy. I especially liked the Martini-liveried Lancia Delta Integrale, one of them actually an ex-works car. They were sliding by with incredible speed and a beautiful exhaust note. IMG_5246 IMG_5235 IMG_5247 P1060734 P1060756 IMG_5227 IMG_5147

Dienstag, 17. Januar 2012

Historic Ice Trophy 2012, Altenmarkt / The Germans

This is some of the trackside action I shot at the trophy. I bundled all of the shots of german cars in this post (yes, Ford is an American company, but spiritually...). P1060740 IMG_5172 IMG_5243 IMG_5275 IMG_5287 P1060736 IMG_5293 P1060819

Montag, 16. Januar 2012

Historic Ice Trophy 2012, Altenmarkt / The Paddock

One interest of mine that rarely shines through in this blog is motorsport. Last saturday I've been to the Historic Ice Trophy in Altenmarkt / Zauchensee. I did some shots of static cars, but of course I also covered the trackside action, which I'll show you over teh next few days. IMG_5102 IMG_5116 IMG_5117 IMG_5263 IMG_5267 IMG_5269 IMG_5270 IMG_5271

Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2012

Borrowing things, taking test shots. Part 7D.

I recently had the pleasure to work with a Canon 7D for a day. I was shooting video, but I couldn't resist taking a few snaps left and right. It's a pretty damn good camera. IMG_6407 IMG_6412 IMG_6416 IMG_6421

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

Family? Incredibly depressing.

Whenever there's a family reunion, there has to be a walk. I always find them quite bizarre and -for some reason- sad. I guess these photos express my emotions. On a side note, I like my family. It's just the walks that I am uncomfortable with. IMG_5016 IMG_5014 IMG_5028